Structural Welding Inspection

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A 15-hour seminar on the inspection of welding under the American Welding Society’s Structural Welding Codes:

    • AWS D1.1 – Steel,
    • AWS D1.3 – Sheet Steel,
    • AWS D1.4 – Reinforcing Steel, and
    • AWS D1.8 – Seismic Supplement

15 hours, $ 490.00

Welding Nomenclature

  • Joints, welds, position, metallurgy

Welding Processes and Filler Metals

  • Matching filler metals
  • AWS A5 identification systems
  • Storage and exposure limitations

Welding Procedure Specifications

  • Evaluation and use of WPSs
  • Preheat and interpass temperatures
  • Prequalification limits
  • Welding procedure qualification

Weld Joint Details – Structural Steel

  • Prequalified groove weld details
  • Qualification of joint details
  • Weld backing and weld tabs
  • Weld access holes, copes and reentrant corners
  • Plug and slot welds


  • Welding equipment and environment
  • Joint preparation and fit-up
  • Thermal cutting processes and quality
  • Distortion control
  • Dimensional tolerances

Welding Personnel Qualification

Weld Appearance and Quality

  • Acceptance criteria options
  • Weld discontinuities
  • AWS D1.1 quality criteria
  • Repairs

Inspection and Nondestructive Testing

  • Observation under AWS D1.1 and AISC
  • Visual inspection
  • Nondestructive testing methods and criteria – PT, MT, UT, RT
  • Extent of NDT under AWS D1.1 and AISC

Welding Symbols

Tubular Joints

  • Terminology and joint types
  • Groove weld joint details

Fatigue Life Enhancement

  • TIG dressing, burr grinding, toe peening, ultrasonic methods

AWS D1.8 Structural Welding Code – Seismic Supplement

  • Welding materials – strength, toughness, intermixing, testing
  • WPS and technique limitations
  • Connection details
  • Protected Zones and repairs

AWS D1.3 Structural Welding Code – Sheet Steel

  • Joints
  • WPS and welding personnel qualification
  • Weld quality

AWS D1.4 Structural Welding Code – Reinforcing Steel

  • Joints
  • WPS and welding personnel qualification
  • Weld quality