Self-Study Course on High Strength Bolting

1. As an Engineer, why would I want to take this Course?

As a design professional, it is important to know the current information being used in the steel construction industry. Writing good specifications, and knowing how the project is to be properly fabricated, erected and inspected is also vital to a successful project. The section on “Bolted Joints” is of particular interest to Engineers, as the selection of bolted joint types has a significant effect upon project requirements, construction cost, and inspection cost. The other sections are very helpful in being able to address fabrication, erection and inspection questions and issues on bolted connections.

2. As a person working for a Fabricator or Erector, why would I want to take this Course?

It is essential to understand the Engineer’s specifications and to properly implement the project requirements, as well as meet the code requirements as set forth by AISC and RCSC. This Course can provide you the basis for standard procedures for implementation in your shop or in the field, reducing cost and quality problems and conflicts with inspectors. Shops that seek AISC Quality Certification or other approvals can use completion of this Course to demonstrate ongoing education and efforts to improve quality, as well as document the qualifications of office, shop supervision, bolting personnel and inspection personnel.

3. As an Inspector, why would I want to take this Course?

Besides improving your knowledge and skill at performing bolting inspection, this Course can be used to document your knowledge of bolting operations and inspection to prospective clients and employers. Completion of the Course, with the receipt of the Certificate of Completion, should place you among the most qualified for bolting inspection tasks.

4. How long do I have to complete the Course?

There is no time limit, but we encourage you to complete your work within six months.

5. If I choose not to take the quiz, is there any credit given?

There will be no formal confirmation given by SSTC that you have studied the Course material. There will be no refund given for the Course. You may keep the Course materials.

6. May I decide to have someone else study these materials and have that person take the quizzes instead?

Yes, you may turn over your study materials to another in your firm. The Course material and quizzes are copyrighted, however, and copying, posting on a company website, or reproduction in any form is not permitted. Should you decide not to take the quizzes, you are free to provide your blank quizzes to someone else. However, only they will receive credit for Course completion.

7. May a group of us study the material, and each send in the quizzes for credit?

We use several different quizzes for each Course. Each individual seeking credit must apply separately and submit the quiz provided to him or her. If several people in the same organization wish to take a Course as a group, we can arrange to register all individuals in the group. Email us for further information on a group plan.

8. What type of questions are on the quizzes, and how many are there?

Questions are multiple choice type questions, with some simply asking true or false. There are 25 questions for each section except Bolting Inspection, which has 50 questions. None will require the use of a calculator. The Course material is not to be used during the quiz. The RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using High Strength Bolts is essential and is to be used during the quiz.

9. May I get help in completing the quiz?

This is a self-study course, and you may seek help in understanding the material prior to taking the quiz. However, you must not seek help during the quiz itself. We believe that you alone will take your quiz, practicing professional ethics.

10. How will you know I took the quiz, and not someone else?

You will be signing each quiz sheet, stating that you took the quiz without assistance. In an effort to control your quiz costs, the quizzes are not proctored by SSTC. We rely upon your professional ethics.

11. How many quiz questions do I have to get right to pass?

For each individual section, a passing grade is 70% or higher. For the Certificate of Completion to be issued for the entire 7-section Course, an overall rate of 80% or higher is needed, with no individual section falling below 70%.

12. What do I get upon successful completion of the Course?

Course participants will receive a confirmation letter for their records stating that they passed the Course. The letter also lists the contents of the Course, and the amount of CEU / PDH credit given.

13. If I take the Course and achieve the 80% overall rate, what do I get?

You will receive a formal Certificate of Completion of the Course, suitable for framing, as well as your letter confirming your successful completion of the Course, as described above.

14. What if I fail to pass a section’s quiz with 70%?

You will be emailed a second quiz form. You are expected to re-study the Course materials a second time prior to retaking the quiz. There is no extra charge for the second quiz. A third quiz on the section is not offered.

15. Where do I get the RCSC Specification?

It can be downloaded for free at www.boltcouncil.org , or may be purchased in booklet form from the AISC at www.aisc.org or by calling AISC at (312) 670-2400. It is also contained in the AISC Steel Construction Manual.

16. Where do I get the AISC Specification?

The Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 360-10) can be downloaded for free at www.aisc.org , or may be purchased in booklet form from the AISC at www.aisc.org or by calling AISC at (312) 670-2400. It is also included in the AISC Steel Construction Manual.

17. Where do I get the Guide, listed as Recommended Reading for some of the sections?

We reference certain chapters of the Guide. You can download for free the entire Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints at www.boltcouncil.org . The Guide may also be purchased from the AISC at www.aisc.org or by calling AISC at (312) 670-2400.

18. Is there any overlap between section content?

Yes, because some information applies to all subjects, such as the need for washers, the importance of lubrication, the level of pretension, etc., these subjects are repeated in two or more of the individual sections. This is to make each section self-contained. As you study, you may find specific variations between requirements, such as different rules for twist-off bolt lubrication when compared to the other installation methods.

19. Is this Course approved by states requiring CEUs or PDHs for PE license renewal?

Check with the state organization responsible for PE licensing. Most states accept self-study courses of this type, but a few do not.

20. How are the CEU / PDH credit hours calculated?

For self-study courses, the average time for an individual to complete a course is used as the basis for setting CEU / PDH credit hours. It is not permitted to “log” your own time spent in study and use that time instead. This Course is estimated to take a total of eight hours for reading and study, plus quiz completion, therefore it has been assigned 0.8 CEUs or 8 PDHs.