Fees and Terms

Structural  Steel Welding Inspector Qualification Examination – D1.1 Fee
1 or 2 Examinations $ 200.00 each
3 to 5 Examinations $ 180.00 each
6 or more Examinations $ 165.00 each


Fees are nonrefundable, once the examination package is mailed to the examination administrator.

You may purchase an examination, even though the individual to take the examination has not been determined. Simply state “TBD” in the registration column for the individual’s name. You may also change the name of the person registered to take the examination upon written notification to SSTC.

Shipping and handling charges for orders within the USA are included in the above fees. Rush, express or air shipments will have the cost of shipping added, at cost. Examinations shipped outside the USA will be charged actual cost of shipping, plus $10.00 for additional processing.

Examination packages are typically processed and shipped on a weekly basis