FAQs – Steel Fabricators

How does the Welding Inspector Qualification Exam fit into AISC Certification?

Use the SSTC Inspector Qualification Exams to qualify and document the qualifications of your inspectors. The following is from AISC’s Certification Program for Structural Steel Fabricators,

Standard for Steel Building Structures – 2006 (AISC 201-06), available here

“5.4.1 Personnel

Personnel performing defined functions shall have the required qualifications and the ability to successfully perform the function. Objective Evidence of qualification may be demonstrated through biographies, resumes, training records, and individual licenses or certifications. Quality Manual

The Quality Manual shall include or reference documents that include:

Job descriptions and required qualifications for Key Positions/Functions Qualification evidence and biographies for individuals in Key Positions/Functions

13.1 Assignment of QC Inspections and Monitoring

Qualification requirements for QC inspectors shall be defined and documented as required in Section 5.4.1. QC inspectors shall be assigned on the basis of qualification, evidenced by experience, training, and education. Qualification Standards and Certifications granted by recognized industry organizations related to Structural Steel Fabrication can be used as a basis for qualification.”

How does the Welding Inspector Qualification Exam fit into IAS Accreditation?

The International Accreditation Service offers steel fabricators accreditation under the AC172 Accreditation Criteria for Fabricator Inspection Programs for Structural Steel, dated August 2012, available here:

Welding inspection personnel requirements are as follows:

“4.5 In-house Quality Control Inspector: The fabricator shall designate an in-house quality control inspector(s) who, as a minimum, must meet the following requirements:

4.5.1 Be a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) in accordance with the provisions of AWS QC1 or the equivalent requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard W178.2 or ICC Special Inspector of Structural Steel.” …

The preface to the criteria states:

“IAS may consider alternate criteria provided the proponent submits substantiating data demonstrating that the alternate criteria are at least equivalent to the attached criteria and otherwise meet applicable accreditation requirements.”

SSTC is actively discussing with IAS staff the use of qualification under B5.1 as an acceptable alternative to AWS CWI, CWB or ICC credentials.