In-House Seminars

SSTC offers all our seminars on an in-house basis to meet the training needs for your staff. We work with you to tailor the seminar material to your staff’s needs, emphasizing and expanding those areas in most need, and reducing or deleting those things that are less important.


These seminars are offered in your facilities, or facilities that you arrange. Only your staff is permitted to attend, without prior agreement. The benefit of this arrangement is that we can focus on your firm’s and your staff’s needs, and have direct discussion on previous, current and future projects – like having an in-house consultant.


We provide the seminar handout material to you in Adobe “pdf” form, enabling you to print the needed number of handouts using your facilities or providers. Alternately, we can provide your handouts already printed, shipped in advance to your facility, at a very reasonable cost.


SSTC seminars are made using laptop computer and a data projector. SSTC will provide its own data projector, at no cost, if you do not have a suitable projector available in-house.


The pricing structure for in-house seminars is as follows:


One-Day Seminar Two-Day Seminar, or Two Seminars back-to-back Three One-Day Seminars, back-to-back
0 – 30 people $ 2800 lump sum $ 4600 lump sum $ 6200 lump sum
31 – 60 people $ 2800 plus $ 60 per person above 30 people $ 4600 plus $ 90 per person above 30 people $ 6200 plus $ 120 per person above 30 people
61 + people $ 4600 plus $ 50 per person above 60 people $ 7300 plus $ 75 per person above 60 people $ 9800 plus $ 90 per person above 60 people

Please add travel expenses to the above amount. Travel expenses may be handled as reimbursable items, or may be converted to a lump sum in advance.


In-house seminars are one-time events. No video recording or taping of the presentation is permitted, without prior agreement.


SSTC is currently offering the following seminars for in-house training:

AISC Requirements for Quality Control and Quality Assurance (4 hours)

  • Structural Bolting Inspection (one day)
  • Structural Welding Inspection (two days)
  • Inspection of Steel Fabrication (1/2 day)
  • Inspection of Erected Steelwork (1/2 day)
  • Inspection of Seismic Steel Connections (one day)
  • Plan Reading for Steel Construction (1/2 day)
  • Special Inspection of Steel Construction under the International Building Code (1/2 day)
  • Structural Welding: Design and Specification (one day)

To arrange an in-house seminar, email us at