American Institute of Steel Construction



The Seller for the consideration of _______________________ hereby agrees to furnish all the materials and to perform all of the labor in accordance with the conditions of the Code of Standard Practice of the American Institute of Steel Construction dated October 1st, 1924, for furnishing and erecting the ____________________________________________________________________
located at______________________________________________________________________
As shown on the drawings_________________________________________________________
And as mentioned in the specifications for_____________________________________________


Terms of payment shall be in accordance with the above mentioned Code of practice, except as follows________________________________________________________________________


The Seller further agrees to furnish such material and complete such labor within the following time__________________________________________________________________________


The Buyer shall furnish complete information within___________________ days to enable the Seller to complete all necessary shop drawings.


Extra materials and labor furnished by the Seller shall be invoiced to the Buyer at their full cost plus a profit of___________________________________. per cent.


Inasmuch as materials are subject to prior sale, this proposal is made for acceptance on or before_____________________and the price is subject to change without notice.


Accepted By: _________________________________________________ Herein designated as the Buyer or his authorized agent
Date of Acceptance:


>SIGNED BY __________________________________________________


Witnessed By: _________________________________________________


Herein designated as Seller _______________________________________