Structural Welding: Design and Specification

an eight-hour seminar on the design and specification of welding for steel-framed structures using the AWS D1.1-2010 Structural Welding Code - Steel, the AISC 2010 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, the AISC Seismic Provisions, and recent research.  It will also include previews into pending changes in the above specifications, and reveal related areas of research and developments in structural welding.  

Introduction to Welding Design
engineering decisions and responsibilities
welding nomenclature
welding processes and filler metals

Economical Design and Constructability

Welding Symbols

Design using Prequalified Status
steels and matching filler metals
prequalified joint design
welding procedures

Design Values
weld size, throat, and length
skewed joints
ASD allowable stresses and LRFD design strengths
permitted increases and required reductions

Welding Details
minimum and maximum weld sizes
weld terminations

Qualification Requirements
welding personnel
non-prequalified steels, joints and processes

Fabrication Requirements
weld tabs and weld backing
weld access holes
filler metal controls
welding conditions
lamellar tearing

inspectors and nondestructive testing technicians
inspection task lists
weld quality acceptance criteria
selection and specification of NDT - PT, MT, UT, RT

Retrofitting Existing Structures
older steels and weldability
design considerations
fatigue life enhancement

Fatigue Design
welded joint details
maximum stresses and stress ranges

Seismic Welding
governing standards
demand critical welds
design drawing and specifications
weld backing and weld tab removal
weld access holes
inspection and nondestructive testing

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